Supermodel of the're never gonna guess who I saw yesterday...

So I've done Supermodel of the Week postings for a while now. You might remember that a little while ago I did a posting on Ms. Juliana Imai, right?

WELL I SAW HER YESTERDAY! I was in the city yesterday, and there she was standing on the corner of West Broadway and Spring Street a foot away from me! I said, "Oi Juliana", and she replied with a "Tudo bom?" and a few more words were exchanged before she continued down West Broadway and I made my way down Spring. It was kind of surreal. I should have given her my number, damn it!

Anyway, that was really cool! My first meet and greet with a Japanese-Brazilian model! Awesome!

(PS: Gina, this is true and I'm not just saying this because you saw my favorie Ana Beatriz one day in the glasses store, but I am still jealous!)

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