And...I'm back!

I am back from Hawaii. It went tooooo fasst!

It was amazing, and is easily my favorite place within the USA. The weather was surprising, even though I've been there a handful of times it was shockingly chilly (ha.ha. like 85 degrees is considered chilly...well it is by me considering I live in a humid /hotter than hell swamp known as the Philadelphia metropolitan region.), with random showers that lasted for 3 minutes that could be seen moving from one side of the island to the other. And the water was surprisingly cold( but I guess I'm a water snob because I'm used to 85 degree water in Mexico) but none-the-less was inviting. Kauai was kind of rainy but I guess that's to be expected considering it is THE WETTEST PLACE ON THE PLANET with more than 550 inches of rain per year. For example, Sao Paulo gets 52 inches and Rio gets about 46 inches.

I'm a little bit drowsy right now considering I've been up for more than 24 hours, but once I get pictures uploaded onto my computer I swear that I'll be posting some wordless Wednesday faux artistic shots that I thought were nice, but probably actually suck. A lot to look forward to!

Interesting tid-bit: Only heard Portuguese twice on the entire trip. Compare that to last summer in Italy where I literally heard more Portuguese speaking Brasileiros touring around than Italian (it was Italy for god sakes) or English. I'm not lying when I tell you that the cruise that I was on for half of that trip last year was made up of Brazilians. They announced things over that annoying intercom thing in Portuguese before English, Spanish or Italian. This was before I actually had balls and used my Portuguese ability to talk to Portuguese speakers, so I just watched them creepily from afar listening to their comments about how beautiful the sites (me) were and stuff like that.


Anyway, I probably have a billion spelling errors in here because I'm too tired to care about checking my spelling right now, and I need to relax because tomorrow is MOVE IN DAY at college. Meu deus I'm going to hyperventalate thinking about it. I don't think my room-mate even speaks any language except Japanese.

This. Will. Be. Interesting. (and scary.)

Ate logo gente! Glad to be back in your loving company!

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