I might be going to Brasil soon!

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I have been doing an internship with a development company that owns hotels, shopping centers and commercial real estate. I have been working with the Vice President of the company for a few days, and in the beginning he made a remark about how he is very interested in Brasil and it's economy. I told him that I speak Portuguese, and that I have a love affair with the place and I too believe that its a great place for investment.

                                                                          Skyline - Salvador, Bahia

Well the other day he asked me to start to put together a tour of Brasil for businesspeople! He wants to go to Rio, Sampa, and the Northeast...probably Salvador. I'm in the process of putting an itinerary together, which is exciting! He wants me to go with him because I can translate! I'm not sure when it will be and I don't know if its 100% set in stone as of yet, but it sounds promising! I just hope its before August 16th and after September 1st because I don't want to miss my Hawaii vacation either.

I'll keep you updated!

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