My 10 summer essentials

Yeah, I know. Like anybody cares in that world about my 10 summer essentials. Every-f*cking-body on the net blogs about that. Point taken. But sill, I felt like doing it. Just for fun. Just ‘cause they’re very basic. But they are really essential to me. And I am in the Air France lounge waiting for my flight with nothing to do but drinking Light Coke, entertaining my Boyfriend that starts to be hysterical because of the wait. So i decided to write a bit…

My Persol sunglasses.

I  <3 sunglasses. I have like 30 pairs of them. But in the end, I only wear my Persol or my Ray Ban aviators. Sorry, I am an Italian guy. I love old classics. I have the foldable ones (aka the Steve Mc Queen) and the same but non foldable. I am not that of a fetishist so I don’t know the reference. But everybody does.

My Emporio Armani speedos.

Ok. First thing: it’s not me on the picture. Hélas… Second thing: Again and again, I have Italian blood and Italians do wear speedos on the beach. There is nothing to discuss here! They’re the best. The shape is perfect and they last forever (even though I keep buying new ones every summer… Poor silly boy).

My Lancater SPF 30 sunscreen.

Did I mention that I also have French blood? Did I mention that after 30 minutes under the sun, I turn red? Not pink… Red. Like a lobster. I hate that. I am super control queen about sun screening. I keep « pshiting » cream all over me all day long and stay under any umbrella almost all day. But what I love the most about Lancaster is the smell. They remind me my mother when I was a child. Having a nap next to here while she was sunbathing. Those are very dear and important memories. And the smell will be forever in my mind.

My Louboutin Pik Boat slip-on.

They are the last gift from my Sexy Boyfriend (who is the one and only one real summer essential to be 100% honest). I got them in navy. They are super cool, super chic and super super super me!

My abanicos from Casa Miguel in Madrid.

I am off to Spain. Who ever has been there in summer (except silly Queens that only do drugs in Barcelona and Ibiza) realizes that you just can’t live with a decent abanico. No discussion. ;-)

Holà Magazine (Spanish version)

I love that. Holà helped me Learning the 5 words that I know in Spanish. I love love the Duchess of Alba and the royal family. I wanna marry Felipe, so I think it’s very important to know his world ;-) And I love the articles about über famous Spanish people (unknown anywhere else) posing in über gigantic houses with tones of golden useless object and millions of flowers!


It’s a drink. It’s very iconic of Valencia. I never really understood what was the seed they use to do it but I love drinking that non-stop. You should give it a try. The best one in Valencia comes from El Siglo.


I buy a lot of book all along the year and never get the time to read them. Books are very very important to me.  Summer is the best time to read. I read like a book every day. Just love the idea of being on the beach and getting lost in a story. I mostly read 20th Century English and American writers.

My Eastpack camo back pack.

Not a it bag. But you can walk on the beach, use it as a pillow, carry a lot and look cute with your slip-on and a cut off denim. Nothing else. Simple & basic.

My iPhone.

I decided some months ago to stop with the blackberry on Holiday. It’s the only way to really forget about work and Paris. So I just take my iPhone (without email reception) in case of emergency but also for my music, the games and the great pictures you can take.

That’s all my friends. I am still in the Air France lounge in Paris as my flight is 1 hour late. But I don’t care ‘cause tonight I’ll ne in Spain.

Wishing you the best summer ever.




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