The beginning of something good?

Yesterday while at the bank depositing the money I made from dealing drugs (brincadeira), something interesting and cool happened.

I was applying for my credit/debit card at those tables in the office area of the bank when this well dressed, pretty girl came and sat down at the table next to me waiting to get some problem with her card straitened out. When she started talking I heard her accent and immediately had identified it as Brazilian, could have been nothing else.

I was creepin' on her convo with the other teller while mine was filling out forms and stuff for my new card, until her teller left her table for a minute so he could make a deposit or something like that.

I was feeling ballsy so I turned around and said "Voce e Brasileira?"She looked back at me and confusedly reponsed "eu sou...?" I then explained (completely in Portuguese) that I am still learning and have been speaking for about a year now and am completely in love with the language and the Brazilian people. I proclaimed how "fun and friendly" most Brazilians are. In fact, I have not met one who has not fit that description, including this young lady.

I asked what she's doing here, and she explained that she's studying and being an au pair here for a year, then she'll go back to Brasil. She was super nice and loved that I had interest in her country and language. She complimented my Portuguese and proclaimed that I couldn't have been just learning, she told me I was perfect!

So long comes to short, she asked me for my name and  phone number and told me we should get a "cafe" sometime. I told her "eu quero" and now I am just waiting for her to call/look me up on Facebook. I was really stupid and didn't get hers, so now I guess I'm at her mercy. But hey, she asked for my number, I didn't force it on hopefully she calls. I hope the time difference between here and Hawaii (I'm leaving in less than 14 hours) does not mess things up.

Tchau Tchau,

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