Updates on my life, if you care.

Soooooo, I'm done with my internship (thank god.) It was starting to make me lose brain cells and I'm not kidding. I honestly couldn't speak in coherent sentences anymore, I had insomnia and couldn't fall asleep until 3AM most nights and I was up bright and early at 6:30 AM every morning. That compiled over the course of 2 months made me forget how to spell and talk in English. The Portuguese is more natural at this point for me when I'm tired, hell I even dream in Portuguese at this point. But anyway...I'm glad that's over.

And I leave for Hawaii @3:30 AM tomorrow morning! It will be wonderful! I don't think I'll have internet access except for my phone, so I think I'll be on a 2 week hiatus here, sorry to tell you. I'm super pumped.

College starts the day I get back from Hawaii. I guess I'm the worlds ultimate genius...planning vacation until the day class starts. That coupled with a 12 hour flight and 6 hour time difference will be extremely interesting on the first day of school. Kill me.

I finally got my dorm assignment! I have an on campus apartment with 4 other roomies. I don't know any of them. I'm a little nervous, but that's normal I guess. I was happy about getting the apartment because now I only have to share a bathroom with 4 other slobs, not 100. Plus, I didn't want to make all the other guys feel insecure when I was walking around the showers/bathroom obviously more "qualified" than most (TMI!!!!!) Joking but not really. But seriously.

Anyway, I got an email from my Portuguese teacher in Bahia, and I wanted to cry because I was so jealous. She was in Trancoso and I reaaaalllllly want to go there. Lucky Paulistana. Oh and my PORT book for this semester was supposed to cost $300, but because of this my school is not ordering it through the bookstore--but they still expect that you get the book. FML. I guess I'll have to return to drug dealing and selling my body so I can learn something.

Anyway, I thinks that's it for now! I will be able to respond to comments on my phone ( I think) but I don't like posting entries on my phone....but maybe I'll put pictures up...don't know. I'll talk to you later blogger friends. Love you all!

Ate breve,

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